Turkey-Syria Border will open soon

Middle East (INL): Turkey-Syria border gate is being opened very soon. Turkish media reported on 26th November that, Turkey-Syria neighboring countries were opening a border gate soon. Turkey sees Syria as a terrorist-free and secure region. The two Muslim countries have no other barrier to open the border gates to expand their humanitarian and commercial activities.
Abdullah Erin, governor of the country’s southeast Sanlurfa province said, After establishing peace in the Syrian territory along the Sunilurfa border, the city’s Akkakale and Silanpina gates will also be opened.

“The construction of our border embankments and gates is moving fast,” he said. The construction of the Turkish part is finished. Maintenance of parts of Syria is still working. Those who are in charge of security have also been trained. The gates will also be opened after the construction of the two countries is completed.Syrian Vice President Fawat Okatai said Syrian refugees in Turkey have begun to return to their homeland in Syria-free territories. He added, that up to 3,50,000 refugees from Turkey have returned voluntarily to the terrorist-free areas of their country.
He also added that, we are giving them all the support they need as citizens of our country. we are providing them with food, clothing, water, electricity, education, medical care. The Syrians are also being taken care of in order not to become a discrimination with them.

Why Syrian people’s are homeless?

In many sources, the United States was continues to invade Syria because of the strong Taliban insurgency. Many ordinary people, including Taliban militants, were killed by American military bombing. More than 1 million people take refuge in Turkey to save lives. Later, the United States cleansed their army. And Turkey has attacked Taliban forces several times with the help of Russia. In the end some of Syria is now completely terror-free. Therefore, Turkey-Syria border gate is being reopened to fix international relations between the two countries.


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