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U.S. Navy Secretary Richard Spencer has been fired

Richard Spencer has been fired: On 24 November U.S.  Navy Secretary Richard Spencer has been fired. Trump directly dismissed naval Richard Spencer without the defense minister’s opinion. Edward Gallagher was charged with war crimes while serving in Iraq on 2017. However, he was found guilty of minor charges and dismissed.

From where the incident began:

A member of the Navy SEAL, his name Edward Gallagher, He wounded an ISIS prisoner and stabbed him to death in Iraq. And makes pictures on his death body in various poses. As a result, he was transferred from the Chief Petty Officer to the last Class of the Petty Officer.
On 15th November President Donald Trump withdrew Gallagher’s tenure.

The problem began when Fox News reported on Gallagher on 24th November. He said “Now after the president has restored my office, they are trying to take it.” Then Fox News also criticized that the president was annoying the military justice process. Then President Donald Trump found the truth in Gallagher’s words. Where the Secretary of Navy Richard Spencer, has been dissatisfied with his return to office.

In a statement Defense Secretary Mark Asper said that, Spencer’s conversation with the White House about Gallagher was inconsistent. So we lost our confidence in him, and later sought Spencer’s resignation. Eventually, U.S. U.S. Navy Secretary Richard Spencer has been fired.

Spencer’s statement: In a letter to Trump on Sunday, Spencer said: “I cannot violate the solemn oath I have taken to support and defend the Constitution in favor of conscience.” He added, “I accept my termination as U.S. Navy Secretary.


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