UK election: Jeremy Corbyn announces neutrality on Brexit

UK election Jeremy Corbyn: In an interview on November 22, Jeremy Corbyn said in the interview that he would remain neutral in the matter of Brexit. And he will organize a public vote on the issue, where people of all corners of the country have the right to express themselves. Then Brexit will decide on the outcome of the vote.
He added that the decision of Brexit was unilateral to Burris Johnson’s contract. Where no one had the right to express one’s opinion. He protested against it. MPs later expressed their views in the wake of the Brexit vote in parliament. Parliament’s vote went against Johnson, and he withdrew from the decision of the Treaty of Brexit. Finally, the general election will due on December 12. The Labor leader has said that he will not refrain from any kind of campaigning on Friday in power. Because it’s a special day.

Boris Johnson comment: Precedent Boris Johnson commented on Jeremy Corbyn being neutral on Brexit. He told how Corbyn could remain indifferent to such an important issue as Brexit.

Mr Corbyn said that, as an honest broker, listening to the public and dominating their views is undoubtedly an act of wisdom. If he will elected, he will talk to the EU about the Brexit deal. And also confirm the public’s right to vote for Remain’s options. He also said, “I think it’s really a sensible way to bring people together”. As Labor Prime Minister, he wants to make sure that the people can vote in the general election independently.


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