Hitler’s used goods for sale at auction

The auction sells used items by Adolf Hitler and his beloved girlfriend. November 20th was just a day for selling used goods by Hitler and his girlfriend in Munich, Germany. Organizing this auction by, Herman Historica ham auction company. Crowds gather to watch Hitler buy used goods. The crowd was excited that the auction was extended until midnight. Many people show the Hitler’s used goods by online. More than 800 items used by Hitler and his girlfriend were up for auction. Speaking of Hitler’s used materials, the price would not be below the thousand euros. Many people buy these items used by the Nazi leader in peace. More than five hundred ingredients are sold online.
“This is the highest point where so many item from the Nazi era were brought together at auction,” said Bernhard Paccher, director of the auction firm.

What was Hitler’s auction?

There are some things inside of Hitler that are interesting to look at. Hitler’s Folding Cylinder Cap, His Written Book Mine Kampf, Salt. And most strikingly, his girlfriend Eva Brown’s evening party dress.
But several organizations in the country have publicly condemned the sale of Hitler used goods. Rabbi Menachem Margolin, the president of the European Jewish Organization, has expressed concern over the sale of various items used by Hitler in such a demanding and very valuable way. He protests Hitler was a dictator.

How much of any used Hitler product is sold?

Hitler’s folding cylinder cap is a little over 50 thousands euros, Eva Brown’s evening party dress is 4.5 thousand euros, the Maine Kampf book is sold for 131 thousands euros. In addition, a sword, leaf-cut diamond-shaped cross, a decoration decoration, and various items have been sold for 135 thousands euros.
Earlier in 2016, the same auction company sold a uniform jacket from Hitler for 275 thousands euros.

On 1939, Adolf Hitler was the chancellor of Germany in World War II. After being defeated by the Allied forces Hitler and his girlfriend, Eva Brown, committed suicide in Berlin in 1945.

News by- INL –  International News Live