The story of a billionaire and a poor man

On a snowy cold night, a billionaire saw an old poor man in front of his house. He asked the old man, “It’s so cold outside and you have no warm clothes, don’t you feel cold?” The old man replied, “I have no warm clothes, but I have adapted.”

The millionaire replied, “Wait for me.

Now I will go into my room and bring you a warm cloth. ”

The poor old man was very happy and said he would wait for him.

The billionaire entered his house and got busy there

Went and forgot about the poor man.

In the morning, he thought of the poor old man. He immediately went out of the house to find the old man. But he saw the old man dead because of the cold, and saw a letter in the old man’s hand.

His letter was write-

“When I had no warm clothes, but then I had the ability to fight into the cold. Because I was adapted. But when you promised to help me, then I became addicted to your promise and I lose my ability to resist the cold”

Moral of the Story: “Think before making a promise to someone. If you cannot keep the promise, refrain from making false promises”


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