Brazil’s victory over South Korea

Brazil beat South Korea 3-0 in the Arab Emirates. Brazil and South Korea’s match was very exciting from the beginning. The members of Kos Titus have shown astonishingly throughout the game. Brazil’s Pacueta, Coutinho and Danilo each scored one goal each. The whole game was seen as offensive to the Brazil team, with the first goal scored by Pakueta in as little as 9 minutes. Coutinho’s goal in 36 minute further confirmed Brazil’s win. As a result, Brazil team’s goal was reached 2-0 before the break.

Brazil played even better after the break, with Danilo scoring a third goal effortlessly from Lodi’s assisted ball. The next time finishes the game with Defending. It should be noted that Brazil played against South Korea five times in the past. They are was wins in four match and equals in one match. However, Brazil lost to Argentina in Saturday’s euro selection. That defeat made Brazil fans disappointed, but this win is make them happy.


News by- INL –  International News Live