UK Leaders Statement on Immigration

Every time before the election, the representative of the UK Government spoke strongly on immigration policy. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced equality in immigration policy. He said Brexit would be effective if the Conservative Party wins the UK general election. At the same time, the EU and all non-EU countries will adopt the same immigration policy. He will launch a point-based system, which is currently open to Australian immigrants. He will reduce overall immigration. and health surcharge charge 625 euro will be made for all immigrants annually from January 2021. Whether they receive health care or not, they will have to pay this charge from the day that arrive in UK.

Present Immigration policy: Currently citizens of the EU are not required to pay any health care charges in England. And if they want, they can enter and live in England with a passport. But for the outside of the EU, the policy is completely different. Citizens of a country not included in the EU are required to provide a passport and a stipend visa visa if they enter England. And pay 400 euro health surcharge per year. Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been tolerant of immigrants. In an interview to Bibichi, he said that England’s economy, including healthcare, agriculture depends on a lot of immigrants. So if he is in power, his policy will be immigration-friendly policy.


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